DAB+ Tuner | USBDAB01

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DAB+ Tuner | USBDAB01

USB 2.0 Digital DAB+ Radio Tuner Receiver Stick Only for XTRONS Android Car Stereos

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    Artificial Intelligence

    Faster & Smarter

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    Enhanced Extras

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DAB+ Tuner | USBDAB01

USB 2.0 Digital DAB+ Radio Tuner Receiver Stick Only for XTRONS Android Car Stereos


Famous for its better sound quality and strong signal reception, DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting) has gradually replaced the traditional analog broadcast AM/FM. Connect the USB stick with XTRONS Android head units and you can receive the DAB+ digital radio on your car stereo and enjoy audiophile sound in your car.


Important information: This USB DAB+ radio receiver stick is only designed specially for XTRONS Android head units.

Audiophile High-fidelity Sound: You can enjoy CD quality sound without any distortion.

Multiple Channel Choices: A frequency covers multiple channels - convenient and easy to get access to your favorite programs.

Super-strong Anti-interference: SNR is over 95db, encoding rate is 192kbps which is suitable to use in the intense moving environment such as in-car use.

Faster Switching: A station covers multiple channels, making it more convenient to switch between radio stations.

Detailed Channel Information: You will know what you are listening to now!

Easy Installation


Connect the USB stick to the USB port of the XTRONS Android head unit, place the DAB+ antenna in the optimal position in your car.


How to Install DAB Antenna

  1. Remove ''A'' pillar trim from the passenger side.
  2. Scratch away some paint from the A pillar to attach the copper grounding lug. (Please tear out the sticker from the grounding lug surface and ensure the grounding lug has good conduction with the car's ground.)
  3. Attach the antenna to the windscreen once the copper grounding lug is secure. (Please try to keep the antenna away from the metal ground of the car, at a distance of 60mm at least, and you should place the antenna upward.)
  4. Run the cable to the rear of DAB stereo and connect to test. Refit the A pillar once completion.

Important information: This USB DAB+ radio receiver stick is only designed specially for XTRONS Android head units.






Item Includes:

1 x USB Stick

1 x DAB+ Antenna



It doesn't support North American region. 


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  • High and Low-Temperature Test between -20° and +80°
  • Electrostatic Test
  • 8-hours Accelerated Aging Test
  • Verified In Car Test
  • Impact Test
  • 1.2 Meters Drop Test

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