Dash Cam | DVR029

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Dash Cam | DVR029


1280*720 HD In Car DVR Dash Camera USB Digital Video Recorder with Driver Assistance (ADAS)

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Faster & Smarter

    Artificial Intelligence

    Faster & Smarter

    Android 9.0 Pie harnesses the best of AI to save you time, effort & energy. Intelligent algorithms improve power management, prioritise activity and makes suggestions based on your behaviour.

  • Enhanced Extras

    Autoplay Adaptation

    Enhanced Extras

    Autoplay Adaptation

    Connect your smartphone to your Xtrons car stereo via USB. Once connected, you can access all of your features such as music, video and even voice control to navigate your applications without taking your eyes off the road.

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Dash Cam | DVR029

In-Car DVR Dash Camera USB Mini Recorder

HD 1280x720 | 85º Rotation | 140º Wide-Angle | Micro TF | USB Installation | Supports GPS Data | Driver Assistance


Stylish Appearance and design 

  • Carbon Fibre Texture

This dash cam is crafted with an ultra-modern carbon fibre texture to feel elegant and high-tech. 


  • 85º Rotatable Lens

Allows you to adjust to the optimal recording angle. 


  • 140º Wide View Angle

Minimise blind spots and capture broader scenes in front of your car's windscreen. 


Real-Time Monitoring with GPS Data

Thanks to the built-in GPS data support, you can monitor real-time video, with vehicle speed and accurate location from the App. It also supports PIP, so you can monitor the DVR while using the car stereo for other tasks. 

1280x720 Video Recording

DVR029 can capture every moment in great detail with the HD lens, as well as record sound simultaneously with the built-in microphone. 




Considerate Driver Assistance

With the built-in ADAS feature, the DVR029 can automatically alert you by voice, to help you stay safe when it detects a sudden lane shift or potential collision. It supports custom settings to meet the needs of different drivers. 

Lane Departure Warning | Forward Collision Warning 

Record Sound Simultaneously

Keep more information of any events. 

Emergency Record

Record the seconds leading up to the event and lock the video. 

Loop Recording

Enjoy continuous recording without running out of space. 

Easy Installation

With the 270cm USB cable and strong sticker, you can simply plug in the USB cable to your Android car stereo and stick the DVR029 anywhere on your car's dashboard. You can even install it upside down, as it allows you to invert the video in the unit's dash cam settings. 





Item Includes:

1 x DVR

1 x 270cm USB Cable

1 x User Manual 


In-Car Entertainment

XTRONS has been working continuously to bring the latest technology and concepts to your driving experience. We aim to develop long-lasting quality products with excellent customer service, allowing us to lead the aftermarket in-car entertainment industry.







The Xtrons Commitment

XTRONS is committed to providing high quality products and outstanding customer service, by ensuring that we meet and exceed industry regulations and standards, from manufacturing to distribution.


  • High and Low-Temperature Test between -20° and +80°
  • Electrostatic Test
  • 8-hours Accelerated Aging Test
  • Verified In Car Test
  • Impact Test
  • 1.2 Meters Drop Test

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